4 Stroke Engine Rebuild

Perry Performance Group and its owner have been professionally building/rebuilding 4-stroke Rotax, Yamaha, and ALL popular engines for over 50 years. Our quest for the longest lasting and most powerful engines to be had, has been realized for many years now. Coupled with our exclusive 12 month warranty is way beyond industry standards, but so are we.

We are precision people doing precision work and were “Custom” isn’t a cuss word! From Mild to Wild, PPG is the right builder for all your performance needs. With over 65 National Championships, and over a Dozen World Championships, we build winners!

Four Stroke rebuilds from $1200-& $7500.00

  • Spark Exposed

    Spark Exposed

  • Intake


  • The Good Stuff

    The Good Stuff

  • Stock and Lightened

    Stock and Lightened

  • Stock and Lightened

    Stock and Lightened

Choose PPG for your 4 Stroke

Perry Performance Group has over 50 years of four-stroke engine building under our belts. From snowmobile to the latest four-strokes made, PPG knows the way to do it, and do it right!! Many times engines are rebuilt using new or re-manufactured crankshafts. Few “question” the cranks *dependability*.

We at PPG, know that the crankshaft is the *spine* of any engine. Its job is to convert the reciprocating motion of the pistons into the drive that we use to propel many internal combustion engines.

When we are prepping the engines for rebuilding they are treated in the glass-beading booth and all paint and grime is gone 100%. Then, and only then, can the crankcases be fully inspected, resurfaced, re-line bored, and magnafluxed (searching for any hidden cracks, voids, and or damage that would otherwise not seen by the naked eye). Today’s 4 stroke engines by Sea-Doo and Yamaha require a technical expertise that PPG posses. We have all the necessary diagnostic equipment for today’s complex and computerized 4 stroke. We use only the best in boring equipment, precision honing to the exacting specs required.

12 Month Warranty on Our Engine Builds

We are the only PWC shop offering a full 12 month warranty on our engine builds.

That requires a lot of trust with the installer to do the job right and we are here to help with any install issues you may encounter. To date we have rebuilt over 1,200 engines at PPG.

PPG always uses OEM parts through-out, unless otherwise not wanted and/or using something different for a specific application.

We build for competition, recreational, emergency response vehicles, and after 19 years in the same location, we’d be proud to build your engine too!

Thank you,
Glen Perry
CEO / President
Perry Performance Group, Inc.