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Engine Porting And Blue-Printing Services

With over 100 years of experience under one roof and such a combination of experience with 2-Stroke Engines and 4-Stroke Engines we are able to offer a wide range of porting services. From "PURE TORQUE-MONSTER" to "HIGH REVING / PEAK HP SILLY" set-ups!! Our Port-Smiths know what it takes and have been schooled in the "SCIENCE" of engines and high performance applications. Our 3 and 5 angle Valve Jobs on 4-Strokes are second to NONE! With Flow-Benches and Extrude-Hone services at our grasp we can deliver what others promise. We have been working with 14,000-16,000 + RPM 4 strokes in Road Racing Motorcycles for over 35 years alone. Kawasaki, Rotax-Powered Aprillias, Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Ducati, Buehl, and on and on!! We always have someone and/or something in front of the pack or trying to get there!! That is OUR GOAL. And to meet your needs is a priority at PPG. Many will tell you that you're Rotax Engine needs porting-work to come alive NOT SO! Yet it is always beneficial to have a professional match-up and the ports and Cylinder liners when applicable, get rid of any misalignments and casting/flashing/flaws and create the best possible power delivery. Make no mistake, we get real gains from porting, but it isn't where we start! Many other simpler bolt-ones or simple carb/head work will give you a nice gain. This is a ROTAX CREEDO: POWER TO WEIGHT RATIO AS A CORNER STONE! A way of thinking I couldn't agree with more! The photos will show a few pieces we have worked. Some we did one side and not the other to show some contrast/differences. We are Real People working in the field we love. Our long win record will speak enough for our results and reliability. Porting for 89 octane fuel to race fuel is available. Porting is also an art form in many cases. Don't buy a "copy"!! Let us Take You There………..



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