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BRP-Rotax Marine



High performance, quiet ride

The new ROTAX 4-TEC watercraft engines have redefined the whole PWC industry, following the BRP-Rotax marine tradition of world market leadership in Sea-Doo watercrafts and sport-boats. These high-performance engines ride the waves with less noise than you'd expect - which you'll appreciate when you go for an exciting ride on your water skis or take the family out for a quiet ride on the lake.

Setting the standards while others follow
The new 215 HP supercharged, intercooled engine is by far the strongest powerpack in the industry, setting the standard for torque and acceleration, agility and reliability.

All ROTAX 4-TEC watercraft engines are especially designed for marine applications, ensuring absolute salt-water resistance. 4-TEC technology also reduces emissions, enhances fuel efficiency and provides great sound quality at low noise levels.

In the 2-stroke watercraft world, BRP-Rotax set the standards with proven technology. BRP-Rotax was the first manufacturer to produce direct-injected watercraft engines, reducing emissions of the 2-stroke engines while boosting fuel economy.

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Powerful. Reliable. Easy to use. ROTAX engines are proven ATV superstars.

BRP-Rotax understands that ATVing is about sheer adrenalin. That's why their name is synonymous with performance in the ATV world. BRP-Rotax has not only created an extensive line of the most powerful ATV engines on the market, but also became synonymous for reliability and ease-of-use.

These liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, 4-stroke engines are designed specifically for ATV applications. They cover a range between 175 and 650 cc and come either with gearboxes - with semi-automatic, manual or foot-lever shifting - or with CVTs (continuous variable transmissions). These engines have proven themselves time and time again, providing superior low and mid-range torque as well as unmatched overall dependability.

Go ahead - take it for a ride
How does BRP-Rotax make the best ATV engines out there? By drawing on their groundbreaking knowledge and expertise with 4-stroke motorcycle engines. (After all, they've had 30 years of experience.) For example, with a displacement of 653 cc and DOHC, the 4-valve 654 DS produces more power and torque than any other ATV engine on the market. And unlike most high-performance engines, it's exceptionally reliable.

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