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Performance Modifications available for all models. Whether its a race or recreational boat we will improve the performance of your watercraft and give you the most reliability.

Our carburetor services offer modifications from stock carburation systems to accommodate open flame arrestors, porting, and a wide array of aftermarket exhaust systems. We also offer several aftermarket carburation systems.

Hull Blue Printing and Truing provides improved stability with possible gains of 1-3 miles per hour of top speed. It also in many cases allows your craft to get "on plane" quicker (especially when going for that all important hole shot).

Perry Performance can also modify your stock exhaust system and is some cases modify your existing aftermarket exhaust systems for improved performance.

  • Custom fabrication and development of specialty components.
  • On Board E.G.T. systems and Complete Computer Telemetry System

Performance Packages

After many years of riding and racing, and being a Group of hard-core riders ourselves, we have developed/earned a reputation of delivering on our Performance Claims! Our Level One Kits are specifically designed for the Rotax Power-Plant and the unique qualities of these awesome engines.

When used in the Sea-Doo we love to impress and our Level one Kits will deliver a Big Acceleration Gain and Strong Mid-Range plus an added 2-5 MPH depending on your particular set-up. Our Carbureted Version Kits are almost legendary by now. They are Big-Bang for the Buck!

Our PPG Exclusive DI Performance Level One Kits give us the ability to remap fuel and ignition parameters that result in performance gains for Direct Injected Sea-Doos that can’t be matched. The DI kits offer the same basic gains as the carb units, but still merely “sip” fuel, with a slight increase in consumption at WOT for extended periods.

A truly amazing machine, and design! The DI actually has fewer emissions than most 4-strokes. Our kits are intended for competition usage. The owner bares the responsibility of your local legal compliances, as you do with your Car, Motorcycle, Truck, Etc.

Complete Level 1 DI Kit

Level 1 587,657,717 Series Kit

Level 1 787 Series Kit

Level 1 947 Series Kit

They do require:  

Non-Oxygenated and Clean 91-93 octane fuel for reliability and best performance. For the customer who has trouble obtaining this quality of gasoline (marinas, run-down stations, old fuel cans, etc), we simply need to be notified when doing your Level One Kit! With minor adjustments to the compression ratio, we can accommodate your needs too. Youíll loose a little of the low-end ďHITĒ! Thatís the only real lose youíll have in most cases and situations. We can custom-tailor most anything to your needs. With over 47 National Championships and Current (2002) World Record holders in Slalom and Pro-Am 1200 Closed Course, we know how to make Your DOO.................FAST and RELIABLE.  


We at Perry Performance Group want your experience to be nothing but great when you are adding power enhancements to your PWC!!! We do not want you to modify a machine that may have one or more problems that need to be fixed and/or repaired. Do not modify anything, if it isnít in First Rate Shape, or NEW, which is the best way of all to Doo It! It could cost you much more in damage, and we will not be responsible for poor components that may lead to failures unless they are PPG/OEM components. Built and Installed. This simply means, if you choose to run poor-grade pistons, that is your call, not ours. We recommend only the highest quality pieces for our end-users! Quality Creates Itís Own Demand! At PPG, we This is the ownerís responsibility and we depend on you being of mechanical intelligence, or have access to a knowledgeable tuner and or shop. Our Tech support will be available to assist if needed, and the initial inspection of your machine is needed before modifications are even considered. Simple for the experienced! Get some local talent to assist when needed. Many find this talent through Sea-Doo.nets message boards, 24/7 nearly!!  

Want straight-forward value, and results? We offer from, MILD-TO-WILD when it comes to Extreme Performance.... PPG.....let us take you there.......... Faster!!!!  


Technically anytime you modify most things it voids the warranty. If you choose to do any of our modifications, a Level One Kit for a 2002 RX for example. If your VTS fails one day, you take it to a dealer with any help-out attitude, and theyíll easily realize that your Level One Kit addition is in no-way related to your failure and would have your VTS taken care of under the normal warranty parameters. It is still my duty to inform, it voids the warranty and claims could be denied. We have been doing modifications to Sea-Doos and all other brands for over 25 years. If the machine is purchased through our store, we give it the PPG FULL coverage on the warranty NEVER A DOUBT, and much peace of mind!!! We havenít seen to many things arise that we canít take care of, and do everything we can to protect our customers. The Groups Strongest Asset.........We care.

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