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Perry Performance Group, and its owners, have been professionally repairing and rebuilding 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke Sea-Doo Rotax engines for many years. We rebuild the Aviation and Ski-Doo Rotax engines as well, and have power enhancements for them all!

We also repair and rebuild all Power Sports Engines and Equipment. We are known for rebuilding Yamaha Waverunners, Kawasaki Jet Skis, as well as Weber engines, too. Weber engines are commonly found in most modern Inflatables.

Tender and Inflatable Services

Weber and Yamaha powered inflatables. Inflatables from Avon, Nautica, Williams, Hillman, Zodiac and all the rest, from A-Z, PPG knows them best!

4 Stroke & 2 Stroke Services

Repairing and rebuilding all popular 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines for over 50 years, has set us apart. All OEM parts are always used unless requested otherwise, and/or for reliability, or performance reasons.

Our quest for building the longest lasting and most powerful engines has been realized for many years now. Our exclusive 12 month warranty is way beyond industry standards, but so are we. This warranty is subject to change per usage and our discretion. (Rentals, racing, etc, but they STILL get a warranty.)

PWC Services & Service Areas

  • Sea-Doo Repair
  • PWC Repair
  • Yamaha and Kawasaki Repair
  • PWC Parts and Sales
  • Inflatable Repair
  • Tender Repair
  • Waverunner
  • Jetski
  • CanAm
  • Help, How to
  • Sea-Doo Certified Technicians
  • Yamaha Certified Technicians
  • Kawasaki Certified Technicians
  • Service Sea-Doo & Yamaha jet boats
  • Serving South Florida Tri county area and worldwide
  • Ft. Lauderdale
  • Dania Beach
  • Miami

PPG is Methodical in Their Work

Only after a tear-down is done, can the TRUE internal’s needs be found! Doing it any other way is wasting time and money! That we do avoid. Many times the crank is still serviceable, as well as Counter Balancers, Rotary drive shaft assemblies, etc.

Perry Performance Group is a TEAM of very talented PWC Enthusiasts, Innovators, Racers and trend-setters in the Industry. We provide what others would like to offer, in many cases. We know and understand the science and theory of operation of today’s high-tech PWC, as well as the oldest ever made!!

From stem to stern we have Technicians and Mechanics, NO PARTS CHANGERS!!! The entire PPG staff is certified, and we offer 80 years of parts experience and over 200 years of PWC experience under one roof. Due to our unique location we are able to test and ride year-round giving us quite an advantage over most in our field.

We deliver above and beyond expertise and service for our customers, and have become a shop that others are measured by. We are very proud of this, and plan to keep the tradition alive.

PPG also offers Expert Yacht PWC needs. Fort Lauderdale Florida is the Yachting Capital of the World. We are proud to have many Yacht Captains, and Owners depend on us and our ability to do the seemingly “not possible”!! We go-at-it 110%, to meet every need of our customers/friends.

Experience what it’s like to deal with Pros and NOT Just a fancy “Store-Front”! From the Pro Level Competition machines, to the occasional Rider. When you have had enough of the rest, or want to start at the best, Perry Performance Group will take you there.

From Research & Development, to Design and Execution. Let us take you there.

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(Legal Non-Disclosure and R&D contracts available)

Job Opportunities

Perry Performance Group welcomes inquiries and accepts resumes on an ongoing basis even if specific jobs of interest are not currently open.

  • SEA-DOO Certified Technician
  • BRP ATV Certified Technician
  • SEA-DOO Master Technician
  • BRP ATV Master Technician

Perry Performance Group is continually seeking strategic partnerships to help broaden the availability of our service or to integrate a critical new service into our web sites.

If you are interested in discussing partnership opportunities please contact us.